The United States of America Wushu Kungfu Federation

Results for 7th World Junior Wushu Championships

Tournament Dates: July 9, 2018 to July 17, 2018
Location: Nilson Nelson Gymnasium, SRPN - Brasilia, DF, 70070-705, Brasilia, Brazil

Medal Count


Team Officials

Carl Hyden Team Leader
Bangjun Jiang Team Leader
Yi -Yuan Lee Coach
Stephanie Lim Coach
Eugene Moy Coach


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Michael Branam Alex Cao Elena Chow
Lucas Dong Jocelyn Gu Daniel Hu
Tristan Kooc Judy Liu Catherine Luo
Spencer Meng Evan Monte Alex Ni
Mia Tian Margaret Xi Evan Xu
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Male Junior Sanda 52kg

Place Competitor Score Prize
0 Michael Branam