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3rd World Taijiquan Championships US Team Results

October 15, 2018

From September 25 to October 2, the 3rd World Taijiquan Championships were held in Burgas, Bulgaria. Athletes from thirty three countries were in attendance.

The U.S. team consisted of 15 athletes. The U.S. Team Leader was Malee Khow (Connecticut). Gao Jiamin (Oregon) and Zou Yunjian (California) served as official team coaches. The U.S. Judge sent by USAWKF was Lynn Lin (New York).

2018 U.S. Taiji Team

Competition Team

Arabella Chiang
Nathan Chou
Reid Lindsay
Judy Liu
Samantha Lin
Kevin Wong
Alexander Yu
Ava Zichun Yu

Demonstration Team

Michail Tzankov
Maria Tzankova
Ana Maria Baboescu
XueMing Hui
Qijing Yue
Joe Zhang
Haojie Wu

The U.S. team won 33 medals in competition, their best results in an IWUF world championships event to date. Every athlete won at least one medal.

Congratulations to the U.S. Taijiquan Team!

U.S. Team Competition Events Medals:

Alexander Yu: 24 Form (gold), 42 Form barehand (silver), 42 Form sword (bronze).
Ava Zichun Yu: Sun Style (silver), 32 Form sword (bronze)
Reid Lindsay: New Yang Style barehand (gold), New Yang Style sword (gold), 32 Form sword (silver)
Judy Liu: New Chen Style barehand (gold), 42 Form Sword (bronze).
Arabella Chiang: Chen Style barehand (gold), New Chen Style sword (gold), New Chen Style barehand (silver).
Samantha Lin: New Yang Style sword (gold), 3rd Compulsory Tai Chi barehand (silver)
Nathan Chou: New Chen Style barehand (gold), New Chen Style sword (gold).
Kevin Wong: New Chen Style sword (bronze).

U.S. Team Demonstration Events Medals:

Michail Tzankov: Sun Style barehand (gold), Sun Style sword (gold), Chen Style barehand (silver)
Maria Tzankova: 42 Form barehand (silver), 42 Form sword (bronze), Sun Style barehand (silver)
Ana Maria Baboescu: 42 Form barehand (gold), 42 Form sword (silver)
XueMing Hui: 24 Form (gold), 32 Form sword (silver), Traditional Yang Style barehand (silver)
Qijing Yue: Traditional Yang Style sword (bronze)
Joe Zhang: 42 Form sword (bronze), Traditional Chen Style barehand (gold)
Haojie Wu: 32 Form sword (bronze)