The United States of America Wushu Kungfu Federation


Process for Submitting an Appeal for the Taolu Team Trials

July 12, 2019
USAWKF Jury of Appeal Composition
  • The Jury of Appeal will now have five (5) members of the Jury of Appeal each of whom shall have 1 vote.
  • The Jury will be led by a USAWKF Executive Board member or USAWKF Legal Counsel who will serve as the Chief Juror
  • The second and third members of the Jury must also be either a USAWKF Executive Board member or USAWKF Legal Counsel
  • The fourth and fifth jurors must be International (IWUF Grade A or B) or Intercontinental (PAWF Grade A) certified judges & will serve as the technical arm of the jury.

USAWKF Jury of Appeal Process

  1. An athlete or coach who wishes to file an appeal must do so within fifteen (15) minutes of receiving his final score. Any appeals submitted after this time has elapsed will not be considered.
    1. Only the competing athlete or a coach from that athlete's school as listed on their registration papers will be authorized to submit an appeal. No other parties appeal will be considered.
  2. The written appeal and the $200 cash fee must be submitted to the Jury of Appeal directly to the Chief Juror at the Jury of Appeal desk adjacent to the competition floor.
    1. No one other than the Chief Juror is authorized to receive an appeal. No one other than the athlete or coach may deliver the appeal to the Chief Juror and the fifteen-minute time limit is in effect until delivered to the Chief Juror.
    2. The appeal must be written in English and clearly state which area of scoring is being appealed and specifically list what change the athlete wishes to have made to the final score.
  3. The Chief Juror must write the time on the appeal when it is received who will confirm with the Timekeeper that the appeal was received in time.
  4. After the Chief Juror has received both the written appeal and the $200 then confirmed with the Timekeeper that it was received in time, the Jury of Appeal and either the coach or athlete will retire to the designated Jury of Appeal Room where the appeal process will begin. No appeals will be discussed on the competition floor.
    1. The Jury of Appeal, the athlete or coach(only 1 of the 2) will go into the Jury of Appeal room upon which the door will be closed and no one else will admitted to the room until a decision is reached.
  5. The athlete or coach will state their appeal to the Jury and then provide their video evidence.
      The video evidence must be incontrovertible to override the final score. If the video evidence is unclear, the current results will remain unchanged.
  6. The technical judges will review the video evidence and determine of the merits of the appeal.
    1. The technical judges also have the option to request the official video from the competition floor if more data is required.
  7. The athlete and coach will then be asked to retire from the Jury of Appeal room while the Jury votes.
  8. The 2 technical judges will explain to the Chief Juror and the other jurors their findings and then the technical judges will each cast the first and second votes on whether to validate the appeal or not.
  9. The other 2 jurors will then be asked to vote and they will constitute the 3rd & 4th vote.
  10. The Chief Juror will then cast the 5th and final vote. The results of the 5 votes will constitute the Jury of Appeal final decision.
  11. The athlete or coach will be called back into the Jury of Appeal Room and duly informed of the results.
  12. If the appeal is validated, the $200 will be returned to the athlete and the Chief Juror will inform the Chief Referee and Scorekeeper of the validated appeal and the final results will be changed.